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M.U.G.E.N. Forums and Databases

Mugen Fighters Guild The Mugen Fighters Guild. International boards. If you want to find the latest releases or if you have any question, go there.
Mugen BR Mugen Brazil. Database, news and boards in english and portuguese (brazilian).
Randomselect RandomSelect. A database with many characters. Also hosts the works of some creators.
Mike Mugen Mike Mugen. A french and english creation board which also hosts some M.U.G.E.N. works.
Fanatic Mugen Fanatic Mugen. Daily news about the M.U.G.E.N. releases.

My Special Guests

ROTB Orochi Herman's Riot of the Blood Reabilitation Center. Good characters here as well. The BBS of this website was provided by him.
Winane Winane's website. Stages, utilities and tutorials. Thanks to his feedbacks, my Nakoruru character has become my outmost masterpiece.
Cute Mugen Chloé's Cute Mugen. Cute characters, stages, screenpacks and pixel art. I worked with her to create Lynn. She also allowed me to use her Athena and her modified Sakura for my Gals game.
Inverse Shin Inverse Hideout. Nice characters, stages and screenpacks. He allowed me to use his Roomi for my Gals game.
Vietspana David D's Vietspaña. Characters, stages, screenpacks and pixel art. He allowed me to use some of his stages for my Gals game.
Adam Skie Adam Skie's LTD. A lot of characters. He allowed me to use Chloe's modified Sakura for my Gals game (he was the original creator).
Luchini Luchini M.U.G.E.N. Homepage. Characters webpage. He allowed to use his Goketuji for my Gals game.
Slushzer Slushzer's stages page. He allowed me to use one of his stages for my Gals game.
Megarock Dark Nekrobat's Megarock. He allowed me to his Room of Marionettes stage in my Gals game.

Other Talented M.U.G.E.N. Creators

UNP Nyankoro's Ultra Neko Punch. Interesting characters and stages.
AOF-Mugen Frederic's AOF-Mugen. Everything to make your own Art Of Fighting game!
Bad Darkness Bad Darkness's website. Characters (many SNK bosses) and stages.
Tin Tin's website. Many characters over here.
Conversion World Conversion World, a group of korean creators proposing a hudge amount of characters.

ALICE games