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6 December 2004
Added twelve more stages from SS5 and SS5 Special.

26 November 2004
Added the latest beta of Rera in the Characters section.
Corrected a small mistake in the AIR file of Tsunade. The character was updated and a new patch is available here.

29 October 2004
The Stages section was updated again: five new stages from either SS5 or SS5 Special were added.
I've also updated again four older satges: Elephant Parade, Holy Day, Night Park (my three first stages in fact) and Japanese Fortress. My great thanks to Winane for noticing and correcting the bugs.

27 September 2004
The Stages section was updated: five new stages were added and the older ones were updated.
Tsunade was updated as well. The patch is available here.

21 September 2004
Tsunade updated : there was a small mistake in the def file :p. If you all ready have downloaded the character you can get the patch here.
Lynn Baker and Neo Lynn Baker were also updated so that they work properly with Win Mugen. Here too there was only a problem with the def file. You can get the patch here and there.

20 September 2004
Tsunade from the game Kabuki Klash is now available. Check the Characters section to download her.

12 August 2004
The Stages section was updated. Two new stages were added and the broken links were corrected.

8 July 2004
Nakoruru has been released once again (check the Characters section). If you had a previous version, make a clean install : delete the old character before puting the new one.

1 July 2004
Slight update of the Gals Download page. Following some complaints I have been forwarded, Q-bee has become private again. Those who know my mail can ask for her.

28 June 2004
Release of a first beta of Mugen Gals Fighters. Check the Games section to access the download page. If you had downloaded a previous version, delete the old files before installing the new ones.

12 May 2004
Release of Neo Lynn Baker in the Characters section. This character is a special version of Lynn Baker with kof-like gameplay and pals.

7 May 2004
New update of Lynn to correct some more bugs and put the latest version of the AI activation code. The patch can be found here.

5 May 2004
Update of Lynn. Same as Rera : correction of bugs and addition of Winane's AI activation code. A patch for those who had the previous version can be downloaded here.

10 April 2004
Update of Rera ; some bugs were corrected and Winane's AI activation code was added. If you don't want to download her again, you can get a patch here.
I also started to add some links in the Links page.

22 March 2004
Slight update of the website. I added a Links page, but I still need to complete it.
A first version of Rera is also available for download in the Characters page.

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